Artist Mentorship

I feel blessed to have had and continue to have some incredible experiences in music and it's business. Getting to where I am today has been quite the journey. When I look back I can see how difficult it was to navigate my way through the music industry on my own. With all my experiences and connections I want to make it easy for you to reach your career goals by navigating the waters for you, and introducing you to the right people along the way. 

My mentorship services includes among other things:


Growing your online audience

Engaging and retaining fans

Connecting with writers for co-writing sessions

Tour planning

How to make for prodcutive studio sessions

Building your own PR campaign

Finding your voice 

Getting over stage fright and establishing stage presence

Developing your personal brand

Buliding a team


I charge by the hour and also offer package deals for 1 to 3 months. Please get in touch for more information. 







Product Qty Price
Artist Mentorship $80.00